Special Education

Michele Mitchell, Executive Director
Student Advancement
(757) 283-7850 x.10405

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Social Work Services

Richard Dirmeyer, Supervisor
(757) 283-7850 x.10528

School social workers provide the following services to support smart, safe, and nurturing schools:

  1. Work collaboratively to mobilize the resources of the school and community to meet the educational needs of students and families as well as to facilitate access to mental health services.
  2. Provide intervention, consultation, and counseling for students who are experiencing significant difficulties that adversely impact educational experiences.
  3. Participate in multidisciplinary team meetings (e.g. Child Study) to assist in the development of Tier 1, 2, and 3 interventions to address concerns that impact students’ academic and/or behavioral performance.
  4. Interview parents and conduct appropriate assessments to assist in the process of eligibility determination for possible special education services.
  5. Provide support and advocacy to parents to ensure positive engagement with school and their community through direct intervention (e.g. parenting skill sessions), consultation, and connection to community resources. 
  6. Work collaboratively with all professionals within the school to provide crisis intervention, violence prevention, and suicide prevention services.

Professional Associations

Resources for Parents

School Social Workers

First Step/PEEP

Denbigh Early Childhood Donna Thornton, 591-4963 x.30582
Lee Hall Early Childhood Donna Thornton, 591-4963 x.30582
Marshall Early Childhood Sara Chopp, 591-4963 x.30581
Watkins Early Childhood Sara Chopp, 591-4963 x.30581

All PEEP Social Workers are based out of Gatewood PEEP Center.

Elementary Schools

Achievable Dream Academy Mara Yoko, 886-7985 x.18581 - (BLOG)
Carver Charles Brooks, 283-7861 x.67580
Charles Breshell Jackson Nevels, 283-7816 x.21580
Deer Park Tanya Jones, 928-6846 x.37580
Discovery Stem Academy Grace Taylor, 591-4743 x.42580
Dutrow Chrystal Bailey, 283-7803 x.36580
Epes Mara Yoko, 886-7985 x.18581 - (BLOG)
General Stanford Donna Thornton, 591-4963 x.30582
Greenwood Alyssa Wiggs, 886-7744 x.33580
Hidenwood David Carroll, 591-4766 x.34580
Hilton Grace Taylor, 591-4743 x.42580
Jenkins Mara Yoko, 886-7985 x.18581 - (BLOG)
Kiln Creek Alyssa Wiggs, 886-7744 x.33580
Lee Hall Mara Yoko, 886-7985 x.18581 - (BLOG)
McIntosh Chrystal Bailey, 283-7803 x.36580
Nelson Sara Chopp, 591-4963 x.30581
Newsome Park Chrystal Bailey, 283-7803 x.36580
Palmer Grace Taylor, 591-4743 x.42580
Richneck Tanya Jones, 928-6846 x.37580
Riverside Emily Lafountain, 591-4917 x.54580
Sanford Charles Brooks, 283-7861 x.67580
Saunders Emily Lafountain, 591-4917 x.54580
Sedgefield Breshell Jackson Nevels, 283-7816 x.21580
Yates Alyssa Wiggs, 886-7744 x.33580

Middle Schools

Achievable Dream Middle & High Stephanie Gore, 247-2568 x.17580 - (BLOG)
Crittenden David Carroll, 591-4766 x.34580
Dozier Alyssa Wiggs, 886-7744 x.33580
Gildersleeve Breshell Jackson Nevels, 283-7816 x.21580
Hines Grace Taylor, 591-4743 x.42580
Huntington Tanya Jones, 928-6846 x.37580
Passage Charles Brooks, 283-7861 x.67580
Washington Stephanie Gore, 247-2568 x.17580 - (BLOG)

High Schools

Achievable Dream Middle & High Stephanie Gore, 247-2568 x.17580 - (BLOG)
Denbigh Tanya Jones, 928-6846 x.37580
Heritage Stephanie Gore, 247-2568 x.17580 - (BLOG)
Menchville Emily Lafountain, 591-4917 x.54580
Warwick Charles Brooks, 283-7861 x.67580
Woodside David Carroll, 591-4766 x.34580