Required Registration Forms

For your convenience, complete registration documentation online, print and bring to school at time of registration. This process is required of all new students (or those re-enrolling after an absence from NNPS).

Other Related Forms

Federal Guidelines for Reporting Ethnicity and Race Data

The U.S. Department of Education requires all states to collect information on the race and ethnicity of public school students. The federal government has developed a new way to report ethnicity and race that includes new categories. The changes should provide a more accurate picture of the nation’s ethnic and racial diversity. Beginning in the 2009-2010 school year, families of all students will be asked to fill out a brief form to update the reporting of their children’s ethnicity and race. More information and forms

Tuition for Non-Newport News Students

(Source – School Board Procedure DFG-P)

Students wishing to attend Newport News Public Schools as tuition students must complete the Application for Tuition Approval form in the Administrative and Alternative Services Department. The completed and approved application is forwarded to the Business Office. Tuition is based on the School Board approved annual rate, prorated on a daily basis for those students enrolling for less than 180 days. If students move out of the division during the last two weeks of school, tuition for those two weeks will be waived. Students and their parents who are moving to the city no later than September 30 of any school year may have their tuition waived, provided that the parents have a signed sales or lease agreement indicating occupancy no later than September 30. If occupancy is not taken by October 1, the parents will be obligated to pay tuition retroactive to the student's first day of school.

Students and their parents who are moving to the city during the school year may have their tuition waived under the following circumstances.

  • Parents who have signed a lease agreement indicating an occupancy date no later than October 1 will have tuition waived for the month of September.

  • Parents who have homes under construction or under contract for purchase with occupancy to take place within a reasonable time frame as determined by the Superintendent will have tuition waived during such time frame. Parents must provide written documentation indicating estimated occupancy date and the location of the home. Tuition payment would be required after said date, if occupancy has not taken place until such time as occupancy occurs.

A monthly payment schedule, with payments due the first of each month, may be established. The first and the last payments will be due at the time the application is approved. Such schedule will ensure that all payments have been made no later than June first of each school year. Parents or legal guardians will be notified when payments are not made on time. A $25 late payment fee will be assessed at this time. If payment is not made within five (5) working days after such notice, the school will be notified that the student is no longer eligible to attend the Newport News Public Schools and the student will be withdrawn. Any person receiving three delinquencies within the same school year will forfeit their privilege to make monthly payments. The entire remaining balance will become due and payable immediately.

For more information, please contact the Business Department at (757) 591-4511.