eLearning Services


D2L is a web-based course management system designed to create a rich online learning environment for students. It is used for supplementing courses with web-based material, for hybrid online/in-person courses, and for fully-online instruction.

If you have questions about virtual course enrollments, please reach out to your School Counselor to discuss available options. Your School Counselor is able to review student transcripts and provide information specific to required course electives needed to graduate. Log in to NNPS D2L.

If you have questions about D2L, contact Daniel Barnhill, D2L Administrator

Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia offers a wealth of advanced placement and foreign language classes in an online format for eligible NNPS students. Students experience video, audio, text, telephone conversations, and more with teachers and peers. Contact your school's guidance counselor to inquire about enrolling in Virtual Virginia.

About eLearning

eLearning is a teaching and learning approach used in Newport News where education takes place using computers, the Internet and other technologies. Students and adults can experience eLearning in courses they take in schools/worksites or through another form of distance delivery offering. eLearning can either be synchronous (where students/adults are online all at the same time) or asynchronous (where students/adults are online at different times at their own convenience). Students and adults experience online learning in a variety of ways in Newport News including, but not limited to, virtual field trips, mathematics/literacy labs, NovaNET®, Virtual Virginia, online tutorial resources, and knowledge sharing.

Please contact your child's guidance counselor for specific course listings available for NovaNET and Virtual Virginia.

Student Qualities That Lead To Success When Taking Online Courses

  • Being technologically comfortable
  • Having at least semi-daily access to appropriate computing resources and a distraction-free work area
  • Being self-motivated and able to complete work without frequent supervision
  • Being adept at time-management
  • Being comfortable expressing ideas in writing
  • Being comfortable gaining knowledge through extensive reading of various material
  • Being comfortable communicating without face-to-face interaction with students and facilitators
  • Having sufficient time available to devote to an online course on a regular basis
  • Being able to communicate with a school-appropriate "online presence"
  • Being able to adhere to deadlines, expectations, and assignment details
  • Being able to contribute to online discussions with facilitators and other students
  • Being able to work cooperatively with other students

Ways For Parents To Support Students Taking Online Courses

  • Discuss the online course with the student frequently for support
  • Provide appropriate supervision to help students stay on-task and to meet deadlines
  • Provide an appropriate work area for the student in the home if none is available elsewhere